Wolves Summit is the conference where you can make business flourish.

During our events we facilitated 21967 1:1 meetings scheduled before the conference even started. We created very effective formula of 15-minute meetings and we use software to help attendees schedule meetings with the right people.


Most important and the most unique factor was the 1:1 meetings, if you do the calculation on cost per meeting, it’s the best value for money you can find.

Eliav Alaluf, Founding Partner, Follow[the]Seed

I’m really excited about the conference, it was very productive for us. We had 38 meetings and have already booked our calendar for the next Wolves Summit. Thank you for such a great venue and the organization of a world-class event. I look forward to seeing you again.

Yuliya Kondratyuk - Business Development Director, Proffstore

Predefined meeting points


Schedule and meet for 15 min session at assigned table. We are preparing 3 areas, over 1200 sqm of space to hold 1:1 meetings.


Matchmaking Tool


Use our software to pre-schedule meetings with people who are matched with you according to your tags and preferences. Fill up your calendar before you even come to the event.

DUZE J16A9177

VIP Area

MAŁE SLajd 25

Designated area for VIP networking, where only investors, executives, and corporations have access. It makes it easier to meet the right people.


Night Networking Events


Join the networking parties for all the attendees or for the VIPs only. Connect with others in a more relaxed and casual environment.


Investors evening event


On 18th March, join a dedicated event for business angels, venture capital, and institutional investors. This is an invite-only event.


Download the Investors & Partners Book which presents selected investors and partners present at the seventh edition of Wolves Summit.

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Sergey Shelpuk
Sergey Shelpuk
Qrhytm, Ukraine
Most important and the most unique factor was the 1:1 meetings, if you do the calculation on cost per meeting, it’s the best value for money you can find.
Leopoldo Calabria
Leopoldo Calabria
Personal Travels, Italy
Attending Wolves Summit was a great test of the credibility of my startup in front of colleagues and investors. The summit was a great exercise in keeping my focus and communication skills full-on for 3 days. Attending the summit was also the occasion for meeting a bunch of interesting people from all over the world.
Błażej Szperliński
Błażej Szperliński
Text United, Austria
We got a few hundred leads, built several business partnerships and even got invited to one VCs HQ during the event. Worth every minute spent there!
Matteo Cracco
Matteo Cracco
Vicker, Italy
Wolves Summit is a very well organized initiative, full of people with lot of energy and ideas. I learned this: how do you make money? That was the first sentence I heard coming inside the lobby and now it's how I say hello to people after Wolves Summit! I think it's an initiative like few others in the world, it's like a wonderland for everyone who loves the startup ecosystem and wants to expand their network and connections.
Magdalena Janczewska
Magdalena Janczewska
Nanothea, Poland
Wolves Summit is a great place for young startups! It was our first time presenting in front of such wide investor and startup environment. The warm welcoming and positive feedback are invaluable to us. Short, concrete meetings let us meet high-level investors. I definitely recommend it!
César Martín
César Martín
Docxpresso, Italy
I really liked the summit. It was very well organised, oriented on deal making and great atmosphere. I established new contacts and as usual, most of them are door openers but some are converting into a solid partnership.
Olivier Houyvyet
Olivier Houyvyet
Three days on fire for the OUI SPORTS team! Great meetings, great opportunities and of course a great experience at Wolves Summit 2016.
Soumyadip Rakshit
Soumyadip Rakshit
MysteryVibe, United Kingdom
We go to all major global conferences to meet investors and media. We found Wolves Summit to be the most effective conference for meeting the most number of high quality investors.
Alessandro Cerroni
Alessandro Cerroni
GeosNews.com, Italy
Thanks to Wolves Summit I met people who not only became my business partners but also my mentors. Wolves Summit is an event worth doing for any startup that wants to grow faster than average and connect with people who share the same passion, the passion for growth!
Weronika Jankowska
Weronika Jankowska
VarsoVie&Me, Poland
A Startupper's life is not easy. For a good exposure of your idea, you need to find a well-organized event to meet potential investors. Wolves Summit is the perfect place. Dont miss the next event.
Francesco Ongaro
ISGroup, Italy
We loved Wolves Summit. The conference really connects you to the very best on the market. During three days in Warsaw we spoke face to face with more than 30 startups and 15 investors. For us it has been well spent money and time!

1:1 meetings in numbers

The key to success is to partner and cooperate with the right people – meet them at Wolves Summit.
Network during individual 1:1 meetings with startups, investors and executives.

  • 482 First edition
    April 2015
  • 1832 Second edition
    October 2015
  • 3028 Third edition
    April 2016
  • 3072 Fourth edition
    October 2016
  • 3472 Fifth edition
    March 2017
  • 2417 Sixth edition (CEE Leaders)
    October 2017
  • +4677 Seventh edition
    April 2018
  • 2987 Eighth edition
    October 2018