The 8th Wolves Summit Sum Up

  Wolves Summit was created to properly support innovation by enabling  relevant networking in form of well-matched 1:1 meetings. We started  it 4 years ago and, although we have dreamed of it, we would have never guessed how successful it is going to be. The journey humbles us and the success stories of many companies that have met during our conference drive us every day to work harder and harder to achieve our goal: help other companies grow. We feel privileged being able to assist in the process of creating valuable business connections and we want to spread our impact as far as possible. This is why, two weeks after the 9th Wolves Summit in Warsaw, we are going to organize 10th edition of Wolves Summit abroad. For the first time in history, Alpha Wolves will meet in London, UK. 

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Can one conference change your company's future?

If you have been following us for a while, you have probably noticed us saying that attending Wolves Summit will change the future of your company.  This is not just a slogan we chose to promote our conference - it is the thing we have been always striving for while organizing Wolves Summit. It brings us real joy to read about or listen to the success stories of people or companies that have joined Wolves Summit in the past.   This is one of those stories. 

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How to make the most out of Wolves Summit

  One of the ways to reach your business goals, whether you need new partners, clients, B2B clients, investments, social media reach etc. is taking part in relevant conferences. If you have ever been to one of them, you probably know that being there is not enough to find the answers to your needs. To succeed, you need to participate which usually requires real effort and preparation. Taking into consideration that Wolves Summit is rather diverse, it sometimes might be overwhelming, not only for the first-timers. Which is why, we have prepared few tips that will help you make the most out of the confernce.

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Wolves Summit - Best Quality Networking Conference

“During Wolves Summit’s matchmaking we met two partners from Altamira which is our newest investor. We signed the deal last week.”

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The 7th edition of Wolves Summit

And there we have it. Another edition of Wolves Summit has come to an end. For the 7th time, we had a great opportunity and a pleasure to invite to Poland the representatives of international and polish corporations, investors and startups to enable them to #create #network and #grow. This time we had two events for our incredible participants:  Wolves Hardware and R&D and Wolves Summit. Since the very beginning of Wolves Summit, our mission was to set up a platform that would help in creating relevant business connections worldwide. This is why, we are very happy and proud to share this years edition results in numbers (Wolves Hardware and R&D and Wolves Summit together)

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4 Verified Conference Tips for Investors

As another year approaches, investors usually dig into conference calendars in search of most valuable events to attend the following 12 months. To achieve the best results, they need to think about a proper preparation beforehand, perfect execution during, and correct summary after the event. What are the top hints to consider when planning a fruitful business trip to a conference?

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How Much Can You Take From a Meeting?

The conference sprint is pretty exhausting, but can give you more contacts and prospect clients, than you can imagine. If you don’t know how to use the event to the maximum, keep reading.  If you do, keep reading anyway. There’s a step-by-step guide for you.

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